Antony Gormley SUBJECT Publication

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Published to coincide with Antony Gormley SUBJECT at Kettle's Yard in 2018, this book features installation shots and drawings alongside texts by Caroline Collier and Jennifer Powell, and Antony Gormley in conversation with architect Jamie Fobert.

Devised for the new galleries and spaces at Kettle’s Yard, ‘SUBJECT’ highlighted many of Antony Gormley’s interests, including how sculpture can activate both the space that it occupies and the body of the viewer. The exhibition offered a series of physical and metaphysical encounters, exploring our relationship to space and our sense of self.

‘SUBJECT’ encompassed both galleries, the Learning Studio and the Research Space. The exhibition included the first in a new series of works, Subject (2018), from which the title of the show derives, and the first UK showing of Infinite Cube II (2018), made of one-way mirror glass and 1,000 LED lights.

Cloth cover
84 pages
ISBN 978-1-904561-77-4

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