Join x Kettle's Yard Pot Pourri Candle



Produced exclusively for Kettle’s Yard, this scented candle is inspired by the heady aromas of Jim Ede’s homemade pot pourri. Join luxury candles are 100% natural and scented with essential oils. Vegan-friendly, these soy wax candles are poured by hand in small batches. The Pot Pourri candle is presented in a handcrafted ceramic dish, available in Charcoal or White finish.

“I was surprised that I should have told you that I would give you the recipe – for I have never had one – I have just collected & dried any petals or leaves I could find – have added […] any strong strange blunt (not sweet) perfume I could find (travellers from the East bringing sandlewood etc) – also a few handfuls of incense from various monasteries here or in the East – lots of lavender plucked & dried & when all this assembled quite a decent helping of Cognac…”

Jim Ede, in a letter to Jeremy Lewison, 1979



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