Issam Kourbaj Limited Edition Ceramic Tile - Set of 4


Edition no.

: تَرسُمُ أُفُقاً Drawing a horizon

سماواٌتُ مزدِحمْة crowded sky 

ََشرعوا إلى البَحر They took to the sea

غرنيكا مر ًة أخرى Guernica once more 

These limited edition tiles have been made by Issam Kourbaj as part of his solo exhibition Issam Kourbaj: Urgent Archive at Kettle's Yard.

Each stoneware tile has been hand-stamped by the artist with a line from his found poem Leave to Remain: A single Syrian grain, airborne, using Arabic alphabet stamps of his own design. The tiles have been glazed to a glossy finish, accentuating the uneven surfaces left by the stamps and highlighting the characters in a dark blue-black.

The four designs have been made in an edition of 13, marking the 13th year of the ongoing Syrian crisis. The tiles have been initialled, numbered and dated by the artist on the reverse in Indian ink, and are presented individually boxed with a numbered certificate.

Please select your preferred edition number from the menu. To purchase an individual tile, please click here.

Please note, due to the hand made nature of these artworks, the tile you receive may differ in appearance to those pictured.


About the artist

Issam Kourbaj was born and grew up in Syria before settling in Cambridge in 1990. Following the uprising in Syria in 2011, Kourbaj has been a constant creative witness to the continuing conflict in his home country, his art increasingly addressing the endemic pain and suffering that accompanies displacement and forced migration everywhere. Kourbaj has exhibited in galleries and institutions both nationally and internationally, including the British Museum.


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