Humade New Kintsugi Repair Kit



‘New Kintsugi’ is a new way of gluing porcelain based on the traditional Japanese repair technique Kintsugi. The story goes that Kintsugi may have originated when in the late 15th century the emperor of Japan got his Chinaware back repaired with staples. He ordered his craftsmen to come up with something more aesthetic, gold repair. This art became such a hype that some collectors deliberately started smashing valuable pottery so it could be repaired with the gold seams of kintsugi.

The ‘New kintsugi repair kit’ contains everything you need to repair your broken ceramics, emphasising the marks and scars of a product giving it a new perspective and beauty while offer it longevity.

You can use the New kintsugi repair kit on many other materials as well as ceramic: glass, marble, wood repairs, most hard plastics etc. The kit can be used several times (depending on the size of repair) to fix multiple items.

Kit contents:

  • Two component epoxy glue, 4g gold powder, a brush, bamboo stirring sticks and gloves
  • 10g epoxy putty to fill up missing bits and pieces
  • A step by step manual with detailed pictures

NB: The kintsugi repair method is traditionally for decorative pieces. 

The adhesive in the kits is not confirmed as food safe and depending on the severity of the break, the kit does not guarantee it would be completely watertight upon fixing. It is not recommend to put in a microwave or dishwasher in case it weakens the fixative.



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