Crayon Rocks Natural Wax Crayons 8 Piece Bag


Crayon Rocks are pebble shaped soy based crayons that encourage children to use thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip, making them a wonderful tool for fine motor development.

Their organic shape makes it easy to apply great swathes of colour to the paper as well as more detailed linework. The rich colours blend together easily and allow children to develop an endless array of new shades and combinations.

Crayon Rocks were developed by Barbara Lee, an SEN teacher from the USA. She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by an occupational therapist. She learned how important it was for children to develop a strong tripod grip early in their education process — handwriting skills depend upon this.

The crayons are made from soy wax, combined with natural mineral pigments to create beautiful colours and a natural ground rock that gives the crayons their body.

  • Non-toxic
  • Made from USA grown and processed soy wax
  • Presented in a muslin bag

N.b. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age or those who will put them in their mouth due to potential choking hazard.

Crayon Rocks are also available in a 16 piece pack

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