Christopher Wood Lund Humphries Katy Norris


The first fully illustrated account of the life and work of English painter Christopher Wood (1901-30), this authoritative work, which includes over 150 images, provides extensive visual analysis of individual paintings, set designs and drawings created by Wood in both Britain and France so bringing fresh perspective to his unique artistic development on both sides of the Channel. Wood's short career drew on a multitude of influences, all of which contributed to the development of his faux-naïve style. His oscillation between diverse artistic reference points is borne out in Katy Norris' fascinating narrative that analyses Wood s engagement with the Parisian avant-garde on the one hand, and the attraction of the simpler life he encountered in Cornwall, Cumbria and Brittany on the other. The emotional turmoil of his final years underlines the tensions between the two worlds that Wood inhabited and which he was ultimately was unable to reconcile. Filling a surprising gap in the published literature about this early 20th-century painter, Christopher Wood will appeal to readers who are yet to encounter Wood's work, as well as collectors and enthusiasts.


  • Hardcover
    192 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1848221864
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 2 x 27 cm

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