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Beauty & Revolution: The Poetry & Art of Ian Hamilton Finlay


The Scottish poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006) first met and began to correspond with Jim Ede, the founder of Kettle’s Yard, in the autumn of 1964. In the same year, a group of Cambridge students began to exhibit, publish and write about his work. Among the students was Stephen Bann, who went on to become an expert on the artist and subsequently built up an extensive collection of Finlay’s works.

Published to accompany the exhibition at Kettle's Yard in December 2014 - March 2015, this publication traces Ian Hamilton Finlay’s artistic development from the poems that made him Britain’s most internationally acclaimed concrete poet, to the images and texts that marked his engagement with the French Revolution.

It's title, Beauty and Revolution, exposes one of the many dualisms within Finlay's practice and includes a new essay for this publication from Professor Stephen Bann, which draws upon the Kettle's Yard archives to explore the dialogues between Finlay and Ede in the 1960s, and sheds new light upon the complex relationship that existed between their aesthetic tastes.
Published in 2014.

Soft cover
64 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 10mm
ISBN: 978-1904561507