ACTIONS The Image of the World can be Different


This publication marks the 2018 exhibition Actions. The image of the world can be different, the first exhibition to be held in at the new Kettle’s Yard following its redevelopment.

The exhibition is inspired by a letter Naum Gabo wrote to Herbert Read in 1944, in which Gabo reasserts the potential of art as a poetic, social and political force in the world and his belief that “the image of the world can be different”. Actions reflects the energising diversity and breadth of art in the modern and contemporary period within the UK and internationally.

Bringing together work across a variety of forms and media made by artists of different generations from the emerging to the renowned, the exhibition features work by 38 artists including nine new commissions by Rana Begum, Jeremy Deller, eL Seed, Idris Khan, Issam Kourbaj, Harold Offeh, Melanie Manchot, Cornelia Parker and Caroline Walker.

ISBN 978-1-904561-74-3
Soft cover
Pages: 152
Size: 290 x 225mm

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