Little Enn Pack of 20 Self-Adhesive Jar Labels


Set of 20 self-adhesive labels, the perfect finishing touch to homemade preserves and gifts.

Each pack contains four sheets of five label designs. The labels are made from recycled paper and packaged in a recyclable glassine envelope.

In the cottage garden at Kettle's Yard stands a beautiful mature medlar tree, which has served as inspiration for local printmaker Little Enn to create this exclusive range for the Kettle's Yard shop. Every October, Sabrina, one of the longest-serving Visitor Assistants at Kettle’s Yard, harvests the medlars and turns them into delicious jelly to share with the team. You’ll find the recipe on the first page of the recipe journal should you want to try it yourself! Then add a finishing touch with the jar labels.


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