Studio Janneke x Kettle's Yard Limited Edition Miniatures

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These miniatures have been made exclusively for Kettle’s Yard by London-based ceramic artist Studio Janneke, taking inspiration from the Kettle’s Yard House. The lemons are a nod to the famous fresh lemon on the pewter platter in the dining room; the pears pay homage to William Scott’s 1979 lithograph from 1979. The vessels reference Lucie Rie’s ceramics in their undulating rim and abrupt foot.

Part of Studio Janneke’s Editions project, an ongoing exploration of these imagined vessels, inviting people to pick their favourites and curate their own collection of handmade ceramic miniatures. Display them alongside souvenirs, memories and finds from nature, and a personal collection can slowly grow into a mini museum that still fits on a single shelf.


Each Edition is presented in a numbered box with plastic-free packaging, making them an ideal gift.

Editions: Bowl of Lemons miniature:

  • White glazed stoneware and yellow unglazed stoneware
  • Approx. 10cm tall
  • Limited edition of 99, numbered

Editions: Bowl of Pears miniature:

  • Black unglazed stoneware and white glazed stoneware
  • Approx. 7cm tall
  • Limited edition of 99, numbered


Please note due to the handmade nature of this product, the item you receive may vary slightly in size, shape and/or colour from those pictured.



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