The Pebble Spotter's Guide


There’s nothing quite like searching the pebbles on a beach until that special one catches your eye - a perfect shape, a gorgeous colour, an intriguing pattern. But what is it? Use this beautifully illustrated little guide to find out, and to discover your pebble’s fascinating life story and secrets.

This neat little book contains entries on 40 different types of pebble, complete with detailed facts about the rock’s structure and where to find it, with examples including flint, feldspar veins, spotted slates, serpentinite, granite ovoids, and the grail of pebble-hunting - the rare rhomb porphyry. There's also space to record your finds on each page.

Geologist and passionate pebble spotter Clive Mitchell has created a charming and wonderfully browsable book in The Pebble Spotter's Guide, a perfect introduction to everything you didn't know there was to know about the mindful pleasure of pebble spotting and the wonder of pebbles.

112 pages
ISBN: 9781911657514
Dimensions: 156x124mm

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