Kettle's Yard Children's Book Bundle


Share the joy of discovering Kettle's Yard with the little people in your life! Buy all three of our Kettle's Yard children's books for £18 and receive a free Kettle's Yard sticker set.

Alfred’s Adventures in the Children’s City imagines the painter Alfred Wallis, whose work is an important part of the Kettle’s Yard collection, living in Kettle’s Yard and feeling lonely. He decides to go on an adventure, travelling to North Cambridge and taking a number of his paintings with him. There he meets and befriends children in the local area and they share stories and adventures inspired by his seascapes.

Finding Our Story features a group of children following their imaginations on wonderful adventures inspired by art. Their search for a story takes them on a voayage of discovery through the Kettle's Yard collection.

What Hides Inside? takes a playful tour through the Kettle’s Yard House, seen through the eyes of an inquisitive group of pre-schoolers. The book also includes ideas and activities inspired by Kettle’s Yard.  

All three of these picture books where produced as result of collaborative projects between Kettle's Yard and The Red Hen Project, a small but vital charity based in North Cambridge, working one-to-one with children and their families in their home, at school, and in the community to tackle anything making life difficult and preventing that child from thriving.


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