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The Sketching Tin by Joan of Art


This compact little tin is the ultimate tool for sketching on the go, packing everything you need for a day in the field neatly into your pocket.

Just add water to the barrel of the water brush and when you are ready to paint screw the brush to the barrel and the water will flow through. To clean the brush ready for another colour just squeeze the barrel and the water will clean it. The inside lid acts as your mixing palette and we have fitted the watercolour pans with a magnet on their base so they won't slide around in the tin when you're using them. Wipe off excess paint on the towelling wristband.

Tin contents:

  • 3 magnetic watercolour half pans*
  • Water Brush
  • 2b Pencil, sharpener & eraser
  • Towelling wristband
  • Joan of Art Sketching Guide

*Available in three colourways. Please state your preference in the Notes field at checkout:

  • Neutral (Van Dyke Brown, French Grey, Indigo
  • Primary (Permanent Rose, Yellow, Cerulean)
  • Earthy (Rose Madder, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue)