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Studio Nilli Tall Legged Planter


London-based designer Huw Williams uses a custom modified 3D printer to create this the Studio Nilli range of pots and vases. Bioplastic (PLA) from renewable sources such as corn starch or sugar cane is pushed through a nozzle heated to over 200 degrees, and deposited layer by layer to create the desired shape.

The Tall Legged Planter is Studio Nilli's take on the classic mid-century modern plant stand. The unique ribbed texture of the planter is great to the touch, and is complimented by the beautiful beech legs that are held within the pot without any glue or fasteners.

The product is waterproof and designed primarily for indoor use.

Dimensions: 100mm height, 140mm width
The planter will hold a pot size up to 102mm diameter and 85mm height 

The Short version of this planter is available here