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Scroope Cambridge Architecture Journal Issue 27


Issue 27: Order; Disorder

This issue of Scroope, which includes both articles and projects, examines order and disorder in architecture and cities in different times and scales, questioning their relevance for today and the future.

Much effort has been invested in creating sets of values and rules that produce harmony, proportion and civility—the promises of order. On the other hand, disorder has been seen as a lack, a negative state of incompleteness, chaos, or threat; to be ‘out of order’ is to be inappropriate or broken. Just as order can be sinister, can disorder be virtuous? What are the implications for buildings and cities if it is disorder, rather than order, that is desired? Are order and disorder inevitably a dichotomy, or is their relationship more nuanced?

Scroope is the annual architecture journal of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.

Since its inception in 1989, Scroope has offered a platform for research and debate on architectural and urban theory and practice. The journal has also addressed the state of the profession, students’ interests and wider cultural concerns.

The Scroope Annual Lecture, inaugurated in 2017, invites a renowned academic or practitioner to present at the University of Cambridge and contribute to the journal’s issue.

Scroope is edited and managed by PhD students at the department. Each year, an open call for abstracts is issued under a theme developed by the journal’s editorial team. Selected abstracts are developed into papers for publication in the journal. The journal is launched at the annual University of Cambridge Architecture Department Summer Show.