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Modern Art and St Ives Tate Book


Modern Art and St Ives explores the art and artists that we associate with St Ives from 1915 to 1965, within a national and international context. Major works by leading St Ives artists are placed alongside that of their contemporaries from elsewhere in Europe, North America and beyond.

The art of post-war St Ives drew upon two key strands of modern art. The first was the utopian ideal of Constructivism, that began in Moscow in the 1910s and continued through Berlin and Paris between the wars. The second strand was the tradition of craft and the handmade. Carving and ceramic work from all over Europe can be compared with the St Ives work of this period, to show shared influences. 
Published in 2014.

Soft cover
160 pages
Dimensions: 200 x 16 x 245 mm
ISBN: 978-1849763028