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Miro's Magic Animals Book Antony Penrose


A short, entertaining text narrated by the young Tony introduces Miró: a quiet, kind and smartly dressed man, who ‘dreamed when he was awake’ and painted wonderfully strange worlds filled with magical animals.

The book is beautifully illustrated with some of Miró’s finest works, as well as evocative archive photography by Lee Miller and specially commissioned artworks by children done in the style of Miró. Tony recalls a visit by Miró to his childhood home and a trip to London Zoo, during which Miró asked to see ‘large birds, snakes, and strange creatures of the night’. With its vibrant colours and artworks, this book will inspire and appeal to art fans of any age.
Published in 2016.

48 pages
Dimensions: 178 x 13 x 239 mm
ISBN: 978-0500650660