Leach Pottery Standard Ware Tea Bowl



Leach Standard Ware pottery is thrown on the wheel by an international team of production potters, volunteers and apprentices using stoneware clay from Doble's claypit in St Agnes, Cornwall - much the same clay as was used in the original Leach Standard Ware production.

Tea Bowl

Approx H: 9cm Dia: 7.5cm

The shape derives from the traditional Yunomi Tea Bowls of Japan. These vessels work beautifully for short flowers/posys as well as pen pots.

Available in three glazes:

ASH: mixed using locally sourced wood ash, this glaze is a soft translucent olive GREY/GREEN, tending towards subtle variations, depending on the ash supplied

DOLOMITE: this creamy WHITE glaze is named after the high percentage of the mineral dolomite in the mix. Iron in the clay body comes through, lending the glaze a hint of blue

SLIP BRUSH: this design combines a hand painted creamy brush pattern with the ASH glaze (see above)

Please note that due to the unpredictability of the firing process and materials, all glaze finishes are unique and can vary  significantly. Each piece is handmade by a team of potters and can also show slight variation in shape. Please contact us if you would like us to help you select from our available stock.

About Leach Pottery:

Founded in 1920 by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, the Leach Pottery, St Ives, is among the most respected and influential potteries in the world. Over the last hundred years it has forged the shape of Studio Pottery in the UK and beyond. Scores of potters, students and apprentices, from across the world have come to the Leach Pottery to train, creating a uniquely international environment in the heart of Cornwall and maintaining the Pottery's creative principle of East/West exchange. Today, the Leach Pottery Studio, Museum and Gallery continue developing Bernard Leach's historic legacy.

The Leach Pottery is considered by many to be the birthplace of British studio pottery. One of the great figures of 20th century art, Bernard Leach played a crucial pioneering role in creating an identity for artist potters across the world.

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