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Kitpas Window & Watercolour Crayons Pack of 6


Kitpas crayons are fun for all ages! Super-smooth and soft to draw with, you can use them on paper, glass or whiteboards. Get creative and decorate your windows - just use a wet cloth to erase your drawings when you're done. Or use the crayons on paper and brush with water for a great watercolour effect.

Set of 6 crayons.
Box dimensions: 84 x 79 x 18mm
Suitable for children age 3+


Founded in 1937, Japanese brand Nihon Rikagaku produces award-winning Kitpas markers, dustless chalks (widely used in Japanese schools) and blackboards. The innovative company has an excellent social conscience. Its mission statement is to produce quality products that don't damage people or the Earth; and to create happiness through job opportunities for people with learning difficulties ( the majority of its workforce).