Flensted Mobile Breeze


Ocean, light waves, or a gentle summer breeze over the meadow, the sight of a clear blue sky.

An elegant mobile consisting of six wire arcs from which seven coloured "wings" protrude. The design plays on the contrast between the upward curve of the wires and the downward curve of the ‘wings’ (like the canvas seats of deck chairs).

The mobile is delivered in the colour combination as shown on the picture, but is supplied with extra ‘wings’ in a variety of colours for you to change as you please!

Designed by Ole Flensted
Size: 70 x 85 cm
Material: Serigraphical foil

Flensted mobiles are designed so the elements are in constant movement while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Handmade in Denmark, each mobile is the result of a creative process with many hours of inspirations, ideas and prototyping taking place before the story, shapes and colours are finalised.

Flensted Mobiles began in 1953 when Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter and is now a family business through three generations. The mobiles are designed and made in Denmark, assembled by a dedicated team of homeworkers spread across Funen - the island of Hans Christian Andersen.

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