Elsiem Vibe Triangle Long Chain Necklace (VB02)

Currently Unavailable

Cambridgeshire-based designer Elsiem combines 3D printed components with lacquered brass accents to create striking statement jewellery pieces.

The large black triangle on this statement necklace and hangs is detachable and swings freely independent of the brass triangle creating eye-catching movement, suspended from a two-tone black and gold tone long chain. A brass slider bead enables the length of the necklace to suit your outfit.

  • 3D printed in SLS Nylon with lacquered brass accents
  • Dimensions: Pendant 110mm long, total length with chain measures approx. 650mm

Edgy and stylish geometric contemporary statement long chain triangle pendant necklace. The 3D print has an almost leather like texture whilst the brass catches the light because of its brush stroke type marks made by hand, which are then clear lacquered for tarnish protection.

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