Pivot Alle's Dove Recycled Silver Pendant Necklace

£42.50 £50.00

Recycled silver pendant necklace by Pivot

Made in London, UK and presented in gift box

Pivot are a social enterprise that empowers people who are experiencing homelessness to pivot their lives through making and enterprise. Their mission is to bring purpose, meaning and flexible employment to those who might otherwise not have access to it, and to re-frame hostels from dead-end situations to places of momentum, creativity and opportunity.

Pivot provide unique creative training programmes for those living in UK hostels, co-created alongside temporary accommodation providers and tailored to improve the experience of those living in temporary accommodation through re-engagement, an increased sense of self-worth and ultimately higher move-on rates from hostels. Pivot’s training programmes take their Makers through the process of design, marketing and selling jewellery.

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