Studio DIY Avocado Growing Kit



Feel bad for all those avocado pits that end up in the bin after another smashed avo and fresh chilli sourdough? Turns out, there is life after lunch! Enter the avocado starter kit: all you need to grow your own avocado plant.

These gift kits are handmade in London by Studio The kit includes a handmade ceramic avocado starter disc and a handy, hand-drawn booklet to guide you on your growing journey - just add a jar and an avocado pit and you're good to go! The kit can also be used to sprout other large seeds such as acorns, or for propagating plant cuttings.

The ceramic starter disc is available in 5 finishes: Crackle, Bronze, Speckle, Matt White or Terracotta. Due to their handmade nature, the colour and finish may vary from those shown.

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