Medlars - Growing & Cooking


At Eastgate in rural North Norfolk, Jane Steward is reviving the medlar, an old English fruit which was once Britain's sweet treat. Her trees are alive with colour for much of the year: white and yellow flowers in the summer, green leaves that turn to gold and russet. Grafted onto quince A rootstock, and helped by local honey bees, these are trees with prolific fruit. Alongside the Nottingham variety of medlars, Jane has established a national culinary collection on her six-acre smallholding. Varieties include Breda, Dutch, Westerveld, Macrocarpa, Royal, Bredase Reus, Flanders Giant, Iranian medlars. Her book on medlars will have over 30 recipes alongside a myriad of information on this forgotten fruit.

200 pages
ISBN 978-1909248779
Dimensions: 13.72 x 1.52 x 18.8 cm

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