Naked Clay Ceramics Small Porcelain Wildflower Vessel (Single)


These delicate miniature vessels in white porcelain are perfect for gathered posies of wildflowers but can also be used also be filled with sand and used for incense sticks or small twigs and dried flower arrangements. Glazed inside and around the rim, they are watertight and and food safe.

The single vessels have glossy glazed rims that come in an array of colours as shown in the photos - please let us know in the notes when ordering if you have a preference towards a colour group e.g. 'neutrals' or 'pinks', however we cannot guarantee availability of colours as shown due to the handmade nature and variability of stock.

The height of the vessels varies between approx 2.5 and 4.5cm, with an approximate diameter of 2cm.

The vessels are also available as a set of 5 or set of three with tray


About Naked Clay Ceramics

Inspired by the natural colours and textures of the earth, Naked Clay Ceramics is a collection of quiet, tactile, minimal style tableware and homeware. Using a combination of handbuilding and slip casting, everything is made by hand by ceramacist Carla Sealey in her studio in Bedfordshire. 


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