What Hides Inside?


I know a house that likes to hide
all sorts of secret things inside.
So come on in! Be bold and see
what's here for your discovery...

Join a group of children on their adventure through artworks and objects to discover the many things that can hide inside an art gallery. With text by Imogen Alexander and illustrations by Rachel McGivern, this beautiful book takes a playful tour through the Kettle’s Yard House, seen through the eyes of an inquisitive group of pre-schoolers. The book also includes ideas and activities inspired by Kettle’s Yard.  

Each of the characters in this book is based on real children who discovered the shapes, colours, sounds, ideas and adventures that hide inside the Kettle’s Yard collection. In Spring 2022, families from North Cambridge met each week to explore the Kettle’s Yard collection through stories, art-making and multi-sensory play as part of the project Story Explorers.

Together, the families enjoyed books and artwork, letting children take the lead in looking, talking and responding. Story Explorers was a partnership between Kettle’s Yard and The Red Hen Project, funded by Talking Together in Cambridgeshire.

Soft cover
32 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297mm
ISBN: 978-1-904561-55-2

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