Ali Hewson x Kettle's Yard Candlestick with Ash Glaze


Ceramicist Ali Hewson has created these bespoke, limited-edition candlesticks exclusively for Kettle's Yard. The pieces take their influence from the domestic ceramics and artworks in the collection, including work by Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie and Jim Ede's own collection of pottery and crockery. The form is a nod to the glassware and brass candlesticks found in the House.

Hand-thrown with stoneware clay, they are finished with a special glaze, made in a limited batch using ash collected from Jesus College in 1973.

Perfect for decorating your table or mantlepiece.

Please note candlesticks are sold individually and not as a set of four as shown in the first photograph.

Photos: Sophie Davidson

Tapered candles are not included, but can be purchased here.

Ali works from her studio in Norfolk to create small collections of tableware. Often inspired by the shards of deft-ware she finds mud-larking, she also employs her background in illustration to the decoration of some of her pieces. All are fired in a kiln using rewewable energy, carefully using - and reusing - the clay to minimise on waste, and painted with natural oxides to eventually magic into being as the beautiful forms we see.

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