Hidden Tales: Riddle of the White Sphinx

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Riddle of the White Sphinx is the first of the Hidden Tales, a series of illustrated adventure stories, where readers follow in the footsteps of the characters to find clues, decipher codes and discover a secret artefact hidden somewhere in their city.

When Leo and Nina step through the doors of a museum, they stumble upon a centuries-old game of cat and mouse between the mysterious Hidden and the sinister Keeper of Secrets. At stake are the keys to a secret world, one that can only be freed by unlocking its seven portals and breaking the Keeper’s power. Readers can join our heroes on their quest around the museums of Cambridge, identifying Hidden characters, deciphering clues and discovering their secret objects. A real treasure hunt with a concealed artefact for readers to find!

If you have ever wanted to be the hero of a story and solve a genuine mystery, you finally have your chance!

112 pages
Dimensions: 194 x 251 x 16mm
ISBN: 978-1-5272-4012-4



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