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Join Candle Small 120ml



Join luxury candles are 100% natural and scented with essential oils, handcrafted in London.

20-25 hours burn time
Vegan & Cruelty Free

Inspired by childhood memories of skimming stones on Cornish beaches, the invigorating Pebble candle is an interesting blend of bergamot and black pepper.

Low Tide:
Dream of escaping the city for weekends away by the sea? The soothing Low Tide candle is a heady blend of chamomile and patchouli to help you relax and unwind.

High Tide:
Need to feel refreshed? A careful blend of mandarin and lemon verbena, High Tide is a clean fragrance and packs a citrus zest punch like walking along the beach on a blustery day.

Think Spring flowers and dreamy evenings in the garden. The floral Hedgerow candle will leave you feeling as relaxed as a spa break with an indulgent blend of delicate neroli, rose and basil.