Modern Times: Responding to Chaos

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Lutz Becker is a film-maker, painter and curator of exhibitions. Born in East Berlin, he came to London to study at the Siade and stayed on. For this exhibition (2010) he combined drawing, the oldest and most fundamental medium, with film, one of the most modern. Both, in their own ways, embody time and a sense of transient.

The subtitle “responding to chaos” reflects the predicament of artists addressing a period marked by totalitarian regimes, world wars, the threat of nuclear or climatic extinction, and accelerating technological and social change.

This illustrated catalogue contains essays by Lutz Becker, Ian Boyd Whyte, David Elliott and Nicholas Wadley.

120 Pages
Dimensions: 21 x 1.1 x 23cm
ISBN: 978-1-904561-36-1

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