Melanie Manchot Limited Edition Framed Print

£177.00 £295.00

Melanie Manchot
The Ladies (King’s Dining Hall), 2017

  •  Digital c-print
  • Edition of 30
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Mounted in an oak frame, with low reflection glass
  • Size 52 x 35cm (inc frame)

This framed limited edition digital print has been produced by Kettle’s Yard in close collaboration with the artist. The original work was commissioned by Kettle’s Yard for the exhibition ‘Actions. The image of the world can be different’, 10th February to 2nd April 2018.

During 2017, Manchot worked with a group of Bangladeshi women (‘the Ladies’), who live in Cambridge, to make a series of photographs in iconic settings, including the neo-Gothic Dining Hall at King’s College.

These beautiful painterly images show the women, dressed in vibrant, traditional dress..The women’s obvious camaraderie overwhelms the obvious incongruity of the settings, bestowing each scene with a quality of grace and comfort familiar from Vermeer paintings of women in interiors. These sensitive and vivid tableaux result from Melanie Manchot’s skill in inspiring trust in her subjects… 
Sarah Lowndes, in her essay for the ACTIONS catalogue

The works enact relationships between highly authored architectures and a group of Cambridge residents whose presence in these spaces raises questions of belonging and agency. The images are loosely based on works from the history of feminist performance as well as gestures and motifs from painting and archive photographs.
Melanie Manchot

Melanie Manchot was born in Witten, Germany, in 1966. She lives and works in London. Manchot’s diverse and research driven practice employs photography, video, film and sound. Her work ranges from portraiture to participation and performance, to questions of individual and collective identities. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the UK and internationally.

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